EDIFIED - to instruct, inform, or benefit. To enlighten intellectually. To build to construct. To improve, educate, guide, cultivate, develop, & make better.


EQUITY - the monetary value of a property or business beyond any amounts owed. Ownership, especially when considered as the right to share in future profits or appreciation in value. The interest of the owner of common stock in a business.


We Help Family Offices and Ultra-Affluent Families Grow their investment and Build Wealth via Cash Flow, Appreciation, and Tax Shelter by Connecting them with Quality Collaborative Multifamily Apartment Equity Investment Opportunities!

We offer Turnkey Wealth Building Opportunities for our Passive Equity Investor Partners!


Why: Many have a problem finding the right place to invest their capital. Families are looking for a solid place to park their capital so that it regularly pays them a return and appreciates over time. If families don’t invest for cash flow and appreciation it loses value because of inflation. Further, many are unsatisfied with the returns on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. We help Family Offices and Ultra-Affluent Families by educating them and offering them a place to invest their money so that it goes to work for them and grows, over time, while providing them with unique and phenomenal tax benefits. With Multifamily you are able to grow your wealth exponentially faster than the conventional 401(k), IRA, and stock market investments.  Let us teach you how to passively invest and grow your investment (even while you are sleeping). If you are a Family Office or Ultra-Affluent Family and like the concept of multifamily, we’re here for you and would love to connect to build a quality relationship and get to know what you are looking for in deal specific multifamily investments (Contact us to Connect Below or Here's my calendar link to make finding time convenient). If you know a Family that could benefit from our services please help them and make a quality connection between us.


Clear Communication: We’re available to answer any questions you have about your investment. Upon closing, we provide monthly updates/reports so you are always abreast of what’s going on with the asset. You can also contact us anytime!


Solid Track Record: Our management team has built a solid multifamily track record in multiple U.S. markets.


Quality Deal Specific Investment Opportunities: We are perpetually sourcing top notch deals so that you have high-quality, cash flowing, multifamily investments to partner with us on. The minimum investment is typically $50K to 100K (you can likely use your Self-Directed IRA or 401(k) too – please ask us how). You can start small and grow your wealth with us over time.


Strong Underwriting: We’re very conservative when it comes to underwriting. We don’t buy “the appreciation” story and never over leverage our multifamily assets. Location is a key criteria and we are NOT geographically constrained. We believe investors should live where they love and follow the numbers; invest where it makes financial sense. Other key criteria include: projected returns, population, job growth, projected growth, & the current market cycle. We include a healthy “replacement reserves” budget and go “above the line, a.k.a above the NOI” including this as a built-in expense! We leverage agency debt but if we find a phenomenal value add opportunity that requires us to bridge into an agency loan, we make sure that we have one or more extensions available. Our goal is to achieve stabilization within 1 to 3 years of ownership. We look for cash flow and light to moderate value-add opportunities that will provide even stronger cash flow and drastically appreciate upon stabilization and over time.


Control: Unlike other investments we have a significant amount of control over the outcome.  Our model is to add significant value and improve operations these are 2 factors we have control over; both dramatically increase the value and, distributional cash flow, of the asset in a relatively short time.


Who Do YOU know that WE should know? Please connect with us if you are, or know, a Family Office or an Ultra-Affluent Family that has likes and trusts the multifamily space and would like to learn more and leverage our expertise pertaining to multifamily syndication.  We CAN help!


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Explore our Deal Specific Collaboration Opportunities: To learn more reach out to us via the contact details below. We are always looking to build relationships and help family offices gain access to high quality deal flow they are looking for in their organization. We offer Complimentary Family Office Investment Club services where we personally filter and conservatively underwrite all opportunities as we’ll be investing in &/or personally overseeing every deal that we are a part of.  You have direct access to me/us and may take comfort in knowing that we have “skin in the game” as Warren Buffett states it. The goal is to continue to grow our portfolio, together, as co-owners and partners and to provide a secure and affordable place for others to live via multifamily apartment communities. In our humble opinion, B & C class apartments a.k.a. workforce affordable housing is among the best investment vehicles available! We aim to perform and want you to partner with us repeatedly. We’d also like for you to have a great experience and feel comfortable sharing this opportunity with other Families. We started the “Edified Equity” Family Office Deal-Flow Pipeline Club because we want to assist Family Offices that we get to know, on a personal level, preserve and grow their capital and reach their investment goals. 




Initially we start by conducting a needs-analysis to better understand what you are looking for deal specific multifamily investments.  After the analysis is completed, we use that information to deliver collaborative opportunities that are a match and will support the long-term goals of your family office. 


We filter through thousands of multifamily investments each year. Further, we meticulously and conservatively underwrite these deals until we find one that fits our strict criteria.


We are laser focused on cash flowing, light to moderate value add, Class B & C Multifamily Apartment Communities with a purchase price of $1.3MM-$30MM.


Target Markets:

Areas are mostly in the South and Midwest and must fit all of the following…


A minimum of 50 Units - the more the merrier. A cash flowing value-add &/or upside play is ideal, but no major re-positions.


Said property may have below market rents, is perhaps mismanaged, in need of some renovations, &/or the vacancy rate might be less than desirable.


The buildings we seek tend to be C to B type assets located in areas that are rapidly improving, with a minimal MSA of 250K giving us the opportunity to purchase an undervalued asset, in a good area, allowing us to create value within 1-3 years.


We’re most interested in an initial cap rate of 6-8+%, on actual financial BUT - depending on location, the amount of value add, & operational upside available a lower cap might be acceptable. After stabilization we are looking for a, solid cash on cash return for our Equity investor partners.


We prefer the deal to qualify for agency Freddie/Fannie/HUD type financing; however, we can bridge into a good value add opportunity.


Please send us a message (Contact us to Connect Below or Here's my calendar link to make coordinating a time easy) so that we can establish/continue our relationship and answer any questions you may have. Let us know your goals and investment mandates.


We will reach out to properly establish and develop a relationship. Then we can notify you of new opportunities as they arise. You Review & Analyze the opportunity, Vet the General Partners and Management Team, & Contact us with questions.


Reserve your investment amount. Once you Review the Deal Package & select an opportunity you will receive an Executive Summary and an Operating Agreement. Please feel free to Consult your legal and accounting professionals.


Fund the asset-specific LLC via a title co. &/or closing attorney depending on what state we are in. Everything is handled professionally by the appropriate professional/s. We use an experienced SEC Attorney to draft the subscription agreement, operating agreement, and PPM for all of our transactions.


After closing you'll receive monthly/quarterly reports & you can reach out with questions at anytime.


Better Returns Than Mutual Funds, Bonds, 401(k), IRA, & the Stock Market,:

We have a huge demand for affordable housing in the US and it’s NOT going away!

Real estate has outperformed the stock market for almost two decades.

Multifamily assets provide us the opportunity to hire professionals that conduct cost segregation studies. This identifies, and reclassifies, the asset allowing us to compress the depreciation time for more favorable taxation purposes. Cost Segregation reduces income tax obligations with the primary goal being to identify all construction-related costs that can be depreciated over a shorter tax life. Typically we can shorten depreciation to 5, 7 &/or 15 years. This means you are, legally, allowed to keep more of your income.


More Below on Unique Tax Advantages, Superior Performance, and Generational Wealth!


This site, and opportunity, is for Family Offices and Ultra-Affluent Families looking for diversification, safe consistent returns, & tax advantages outside of the traditional investments: mutual funds, the stock market, & 401(k)/IRA plans.


If you are a Family Office or Ultra-Affluent Family looking to partner with an executive team that will manage and operate the investment and asset (a multifamily apartment community), we offer expertise and a very hands-on operational management approach.  We’ve built a plug-and-play opportunity for our Equity partners. We have a strong conservative team of experienced operators.  Our services include: deal sourcing, conservative underwriting, experienced operators, risk management, and due diligence/market researcher.  By partnering together you can leverage our team’s time, conservative mandates, track record, relationships, expertise, deal flow, and other efforts. 


Initially we start by conducting a needs-analysis to better understand what you are looking for deal specific multifamily investments.  After the analysis is completed, we use that information to deliver collaborative opportunities that are a match and will support the long-term goals of your family office. 


To have access to our thoroughly screened & conservatively underwritten investments connect with us today (Scroll Down to Contact us to Connect Below or Here's my calendar link to make coordinating a time simple)


Multifamily apartments are an asset that allow you to diversify, across multiple assets/opportunities, while preserving and growing invested capital. 


We are offering a turnkey model for the Equity partner. This model pays you quarterly and, when we refinance or sell the asset, it will pay you profits!


Our investor owners have personal access to us, receive regular reports, we are all aligned, and 100% transparent.

*High Quality Investments

*Strong Track Record

*Conservative Underwriting

*Communication & Transparency


*Tax Advantages

*Equity Investing



You are a passive co-owner which entitles you to unique tax benefits, cash flow, & profit (at sale or refinance) proportionate to your percentage of ownership.


Safe Consistent Returns That Outperform the Stock Market. Real estate has outperformed the stock market for almost 2 decades, it’s MUCH less volatile, and virtually recession proof providing safe consistent returns.

Virtually Recession Proof Performance  

Apartment Communities offer investors a low risk profile! For the past 2 decades, commercial multifamily apartments have been much less volatile than the stock exchange and single family residential assets.


Thinking back to the Great Recession, delinquency for Freddie Mac residential loans, peaked at 4.0%! Conversely, commercial multifamily apartment loans were only 0.4%; therefore, even at its peak, the Multifamily delinquency rate was 90% < the single family residential rate.


While no investment is warranted, it's quite possible that there's no alternative investment class in the world with such a low risk profile, unique tax benefits, and above-average returns.


Tax Advantages
Apartments offer unique tax advantages that other investments including: bonds, precious metals, businesses, and stocks are not associated with. The US Government wants us to provide affordable multifamily housing; therefore, our Equity partners are able to benefit from legal tax benefits (avoidance and deferment). This includes: accelerated depreciation through cost segregation, tax-free refinances, tax deferred profit at sale via 1031 Exchanges. Learn more about the tax advantages of real estate on Bigger Pockets.
 Generational Wealth and Passive Cash Flow

Instead of working towards Cash Flow, and putting money to work, many are working on building this pile of cash. The problem with saving, alone, as the path to accumulating true wealth is that we live in an inflammatory setting. Inflation has a huge impact and is known for devaluing our savings. Savings alone is undoubtedly a losing game as it offers no leverage and suffers from the devastation of inflation. The combined impact of inflation and attained interest earned by a savings account, even with compounding interest, is negative for savers.


Conversely, passively investing in an apartment community is one of the best ways to create, preserve, and grow wealth and passive cash flow/income. We have provided investment opportunities with a solid average cash on cash return, by improving operations and forcing appreciation, over the life of the investment. That means you’ll get paid quarterly and appreciate profits at sale &/or refinance. The goal is to Edify your Equity and make your money work for you.


We put together lucrative opportunities and provide safe consistent returns for our Equity Partners. You’ll collect consistent cash distributions while your money works towards future capital appreciation of the asset. Multifamily will help you create generational wealth, pay you quarterly, and increase in value. Further, multifamily allows you to pass wealth to your children &/or loved ones.


Purchase: $4,820,000.00
Syndication Fund Raise: $1,763,877.00
Purchase: $1,500,000.00
Syndication Fund Raise: $675,000.00
Purchase: $1,400,000.00
Syndication Fund Raise: $711,192.00
Purchase: $4,820,000.00
Syndication Fund Raise: $1,763,877.00



Independent (Multifamily Direct Investment) Deal Sponsor, General Partner, Investor Relations, & Thought Leader


Dino Pierce: is the CEO of Edified Equity and is a Member of an Independent, Multifamily Direct Investment, Deal Sponsor working closely with Family Offices and Ultra-Affluent Families collaborating on deal specific Equity positions.  


Dino has worked with several Family Offices providing deal specific deal flow Equity collaboration opportunities; he's known as a thought leader in the multifamily space and has served as a multifamily advisor/consultant.  Because of his thought leadership he has been asked to speak to, and advise, Family Offices and he has spoken at numerous conferences. 


He created the Edified Equity Family Office Deal Flow Pipeline Club to work hand in hand with Family Offices and Ultra-Affluent Families offering them an investment that preserves capital, cash flows, and appreciates (forced and over time), and provides tax shelter. 


He comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has been part of numerous, profitable residential and multifamily, real estate investment acquisitions/transactions.  He has a successful track record in entrepreneurial business to include providing private money lending services to investor partners, starting/managing professionally accredited medical education centers from the ground up, and he has functioned as a Senior Business Manager for a cutting edge medical device company named One of the “Most Innovative Growth Companies”, by Forbes, in 2017.


He’s a USN Veteran, from the ages of 18 – 22 he served as an Intelligence Specialist (IS) aboard the USS John C. Stennis. As an IS, he held a Top Secret Clearance status allowing him to collect, process, analyze, organize and disseminate information to generate insight that had strategic and tactical implications worldwide. He’s served our country in the Persian Gulf during Operation “Southern Watch”.


Dino currently resides at 9000ft in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains 30 miles west of Denver Colorado with his three children.


Thought Leadership: Edified Equity’s CEO Dino Pierce is an author (The Edified Equity book on Equity Investing is in the works), has published numerous articles, whitepapers, video recordings, audio interviews, and podcasts.  He has been a Multifamily Expert Speaker for BiggerPockets, Has an Award Winning Blog Featured Blog on BiggerPockets, is the Host/Creator of the Purely Educational Facebook Group "Multifamily Passive (Equity) Owners/Investors: Benefits of a Passive Owner", and Hosts the Edified Equity Podcast.


Investor Relations: In addition to his significant thought leadership, Dino attends several events each year where he meets, advises, and learns from Family Offices. He takes a very personal long game approach and enjoys genuinely getting to know the Families.  The team works tirelessly to bring opportunities that meet their goals and match their mandates. 


The Firm: Dino’s Investment Firm consists of expert real estate investors, consultants, and entrepreneurs that are passionate about helping Families passively invest/co-own so they can put their investment funds to work via well vetted multifamily syndication opportunities.


The firm has a special focus on finding solid investment opportunities and collaborating with private equity investor partners looking for a turnkey opportunity. They allow equity investors to plug into their proven track record and appreciate the benefits that come with owning multifamily assets.


The group’s asset management partners control performing multifamily assets across the SE United States.


Their expertise in all facets of multifamily investing gives them, and more importantly their partners, the confidence that all acquisitions are carefully evaluated and achieve consistent returns.




Michael is an expert real estate investor who serves on my advisory board. He has personally raised $2.6M for 35 residential and multifamily projects valued at over $10M. He continues to actively invest in apartment communities in multiple states throughout the East Coast, the South, and Mid-West.


Michael’s asset management partners control over $65 million in performing multifamily assets across the United States. In addition to his own investing activities, Michael provides training and consulting services (www.TheMichaelBlank.com) and has helped clients acquire over 2000 units valued in excess of $75,000,000 and he's on track to acquire an additional 1,000 units in the next 12 months.


His expertise in all facets of multifamily investing gives us, and our investing partners, confidence that all of our acquisitions are carefully evaluated so that we achieve consistent returns for our investors. Michael lives in Northern, VA with this wife and 4 children.


Our SEC attorney handles all legal matters related to SEC compliance including the Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement. Additionally, they also establish and incorporate the managing LLC and file all the required paperwork with the various state government departments. Our attorney has completed multiple multifamily transactions and has practiced securities law for over 25 years. 

What OUR 

Partners Say


Dino is bar none one of the best professionals there is.  He provides a genuine set apart opportunity for investors.  If you are wanting to work with someone who is highly knowledgeable, detail orientate, and will advocate for your best interest then I simply recommend Dino with Edified Equity.  Thank you Dino for being amazing at what you do.


I have had the pleasure to work with Dino for a little over a few years now on a couple different real estate projects. He has always been a straight shooter and I look forward to working with him in the future.


Dino has been an amazing real estate investor to work with. Always full of integrity and a very hard worker with a great head on his shoulders. I will be doing business with him again.


Contact Me: Our Policy requires us to have a substantive preexisting relationship before we collaborate on an investment.  Please Contact, and Connect with, me so we can conducting a quick needs-analysis to better understand what you are looking for in deal specific multifamily investments. 
We must understand your qualifications, knowledge level, and ability to make investment decisions. This can be accomplished through our investor qualification questionnaire below.  
Here's my calendar link to make finding time easy or simply complete the form below and I'll reach out to you.


Investor Qualification Form - If you are interested in exploring investment opportunities (Deal Flow) please complete the brief questionnaire below.  Please understand you must meet either of the following to Co-Invest: income, net-worth, Entity, Accredited, or Sophisticated Investor requirements.

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